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Douro Continent _ Infinite Fiction Network _

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The level difference is about ten levels, and Tang San is fully confident that he can obstruct the control ability of the other side. The master once said that the best way to deal with the control of the soul division is to control the control. If the strong attack department soul division is the core of a team, the auxiliary department soul division is the foundation of a team, and the sensitive attack department soul Division is the eyes of a team. Then, the control department soul Division is the soul of a group. These three months of devil training, Tang San is not only the body has been strengthened, at the same time, every night the master also carried out special training for him, the goal of training, is lurking in his spine attached to the soul bone eight spider spear. The name of Eight Spider Spear is obtained by the master. The reason is that the attached soul bone comes from the human face magic spider and resembles eight spears. After this period of training, Tang San has never adapted to it. Now, he has basically been able to control the use of Eight Spider Spear as a sharp weapon at both ends of his attack and defense. At the same time, he can also control the release and convergence of toxins in Eight Spider Spear. The master said that with this external soul bone, coupled with his own control system of Wuhun Blue Silver Grass, he can completely fight against opponents less than 40 or so. The three of them had dinner in a hurry, and the fat man ate two of Oscar's recovery sausages. The four of them quietly went out of the college. Ma Hongjun was not ready to tell anyone else. After all, it was not very glorious to be beaten in the grass nest. Just as the four of them reached the gate of the college, suddenly, a dark shadow flashed out horizontally, blocking their way forward. Ma Hongjun was beaten, at this time has been some jittery,disc air diffuser, almost the first time to release their own soul. The purple flame lit up the darkness, and the four of them saw who was in front of them. Ma Hongjun breathed a sigh of relief and took back the Phoenix flame. "Why are you? Are you going to scare people to death?" It was Xiao Wu who suddenly appeared in front of the four of them. Xiaowu is wearing a pair of brown trousers today, and her upper body is a simple white close-fitting dress. Although her figure is not as hot as Zhu Zhuqing's, the slender feeling of her whole body has another flavor, especially the slender and amazing, but elastic waist, and the black and bright scorpion braid hanging behind her feet,Mechanical fine screen, which is more like the beauty of the little sister next door. A pair of big dark eyes, with some doubts, stared at Tang 34 people. What are you sneaking around for? Fatty, why is your face swollen? Beaten up? Ma Hongjun gave a dry cough, after all, Tang Sansan was a man like him, and he did not shy away from anything, but Xiaowu was a girl, and had always been dissatisfied with his way of solving the evil fire. For a moment, I didn't want to tell the story of how I was beaten. Small dance forward a few steps, by the moonlight to see the injury on Ma Hongjun's face, immediately jumped up indignantly, "who is this so ruthless?"? I can't believe I beat you like this. Boss Dai, is it you? Dai Mubai curled his lips, "will I be cruel to my brother?"? The fat man was beaten because he was jealous of others. We're going to find a place for him. What are you waiting for? Count me in. If you dare to beat my brother, Lamella Plate Settler ,MBR reactor, he can't take care of himself. Xiaowu was anxious to see the world in disorder. When she first entered the college, she had some prejudices about fat people. But after so many days, everyone took care of each other through this devil training, and the prejudices had long disappeared. What's more, she was a big sister in Notting College at the beginning. She did a lot of things to find a place for people to fight. At ordinary times, everyone had a good idea. Finally, she had a chance to fight. She looked more anxious than Ma Hongjun. Five younger sister, you are so kind. Why don't I make a promise to you? See the small dance not only did not stop the people to seek revenge. Instead, he immediately joined in, and the fat man was greatly moved, and the depression in his heart was digested a little. The last sentence obviously had his wretched nature. Who are you going to commit yourself to? Tang San looked at the fat man in a strange voice. The fat man took one look at Tang San and quickly smiled, "when I didn't say, third brother, let's go quickly." Four men became five, taking advantage of the night, set foot on the path they could not be more familiar with, five people urged the soul force, the wind and lightning toward the city of Soto. Half an hour later. Fatty, do you usually come here to solve the problem of evil fire? Dai Mubai's brows were almost wrinkled together.
Presented in front of five people, is a row of bungalows, this is a remote corner of Soto city. The bungalow in front of him was only three meters high, and it looked like many places had been damaged. There were several pink lanterns hanging in front of the door. Under the lanterns stood several heavily made-up prostitutes, who were obviously not young, selling themselves to passers-by. Oscar's mouth moved, "No wonder you always say that there is a golden phoenix in the grass nest, this is really a grass nest!" For Ma Hongjun's taste, Dai Mubai and Oscar are really not flattering, Xiaowu and Tang San are the first time to come to this place, in addition to curiosity, there is no special feeling. The fat man just laughed twice and whispered, "It's cheap here. The price is cheap and the quantity is enough. One silver coin can come once, two silver coins three times. It's cost-effective.". Moreover, you must believe that there is a golden phoenix in the grass nest, which depends on luck. Dai Mubai glared at him angrily. "Don't say I know you when you go out later.". Although I know you don't choose food, I didn't expect you to be so tough. I can't believe you came to a place of this level of garbage. Your golden phoenixes are old enough to be your aunt. The fat man became angry from embarrassment and said, "Boss Dai, you didn't mean to humiliate me. Let's get down to business first.". You wait here while I ask the bastard if he's gone. As he spoke, the fat man walked quickly towards his "grass nest". Oscar looked around. "It's a very remote place, and it's good for hands.". I have a big sausage, I have a small sausage, I have a mushroom sausage.. Listening to Oscar recite the Soul Curse and begin to prepare for the war, Xiaowu could not help but spit, "You really deserve to be Uncle Big Sausage." After a while, Ma Hongjun ran back excitedly. "Great, that guy hasn't left yet, but he's already checking out.". I think it will come out soon. Brothers,disc air diffuser, help me revenge success this time, I will be the host later, please have a good meal. 。
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