How to use Ip grabber for discord?

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How to use Ip grabber for discord?

Postautor: onlinegeeks123 » 20 kwie 2023, 9:41

IP Grabber is one of the best tools for finding someone’s IP address from discord. But Most of the users of discord don’t know how to use Ip grabber for discord? That’s why we are here to help you. All you need to do is follow some simple steps which are below.
1 First Open Discord App and Login to your account
2 Now, Start a conversation with your target
3 Now go to the Grabify website:
4 Now paste the link you want to share your target like Image link, Video Link or any meme link
5 Now tap on Create URL
6 Now save the tracking code after creating URL
7 Now share that link to your target which you created
8 When target Click that link then you are able to see their IP address on Grabify
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