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labsolution dongle

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DownStream Products 2021 v14.6.1848 Win64
BluePrint-PCB v6.6
FABmaster v8f2 Gold
Camtastic2000 v3.03
ACE3000 Pro v8.0
ACE 3000 Professional v6.20
FAB 3000 Professional v5.1.1.4
GC-powerstation v20.1.6 CHS Win32_64
GC-Powerstation v18.2.6 ENG Win32_64
Etap.PowerStation.v20.6.0.Win7_10 64bit-ISO
Etap.PowerStation.v20.0.0.Win7_10 64bit-ISO
Operation Technology ETAP 2019 v19.0.1C
Etap.PowerStation.v18.0.0.Win7_10 64bit-ISO
Etap.PowerStation.v16.1.1.Win7_10 64bit-ISO
Etap.PowerStation.v14.1.0 Win7_10-ISO
ALPI Caneco One Suite 2019 Win32_64
Caneco BIM 2019
Caneco EP 2019
Caneco HT 2019
Caneco Implantation 2019
Caneco Solar 2019
Caneco TCC 2019
Office Elec 2019
Caneco BT 2018 153
Caneco HT 2017 20
Memresearch EM3DS v2008
Sisoft Quantum-SI 2008.10 SP4
Paladin DesignBased v5.1-ISO
PSIM v9.1.4.400 Professional Win32
PSIM Professional v9.1.1.400 & PsimBook Win32
PSIM Professional v9.0.3.400 Win64
PSIM Plus v5.0
Keysight PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2024 Win64 & Linux64
Keysight PathWave EM Design (EmPro) 2023 Win64
Keysight PathWave EM Design (EmPro) 2023 Linux64
Keysight PathWave EM Design (EmPro) 2022 Update 0.1 Win64
Keysight PathWave EM Design (EmPro) 2022 Win64
Keysight EP-Scan 2023 v1.0.0 Win32_64
Keysight BenchVue 2020 Windows
Keysight Technologies (ex. Agilent) PathWave RF Synthesis Genesys 2023 Win64
Keysight M9099T Waveform Creator v3.2.0
Keysight Model Builder Program (MBP) 2020 & Update 2.1 Linux64
Keysight Model Quality Assurance
Keysight Network Analyzer 2022 v15.75.19 Win64
Keysight Signal Studio 2021 v1.0.0
Keysight PathWave Signal Generation (PWSG) Desktop Software v1.0.0
Keysight Technologies (ex. Agilent) PathWave SystemVue 2023 Win64
Keysight WaferPro Xpress 2020.1 Win64
Keysight Suite 2019 (2019-04-02) Win64
IC-CAP 2018 Win64 build date 2018-04-30
Genesys 2018 Win64 build date 2018-07-31
System Vue 2018 Update1 Win64 build date 2019-01-09
WaferPro Express 2016_04 Win64 build date 2016-07-15
MBP 2019 Win64 build date 2019-02-07
MQA 2019 Win64 build date 2019-02-07
GoldenGate 2022 Update1.0 Linux64
GoldenGate 2015.01 Win64 build date 2014-12-11
Keysight 89600 VSA-WLA 22.21 Software Win64
Agilent.Electromagnetic Professional(EMPro).2015.01 Linux32_64-ISO
Agilent RF Design Environment(RFDE) 2008 linux
Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) 2017 CHN Win64
Agilient Genesys 2018.0 Win64
Agilent Genesys 2014.04 Win32
Agilent Genesys 2012.01 Win32_64
Agilent.GoldenGate.RFIC.Simulation 2020 Linux
Agilent GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software 2013.10 Linux64
Agilent GoldenGate v4.4.9 Linux
InfiniiVision 4000A
Agilent (Keysight) InfiniiVision 3000A X-Series
Keysight Suite 2017 Win32_64
Agilent Model Builder Program
Agilent Model Quality Assurance
Keysight Model Builder Program
Agilent Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2014
Agilent WaferPro Express 2016.04 HF1 Win64
Keysight WaferPro Express 2016.04.HF2 Win64
Agilent WaferPro Express 2015.01 CHS Win64
Agilent WaferPro Express 2015.01 ENG Win64
Agilent WaferPro Express 2014.04 Win32
Keysight SystemVue 2020 ENG Win64
Keysight SystemVue 2018 CHS Win64
Keysight SystemVue 2018 ENG Win64
Agilent Technologies SystemVue 2015.01 Win32_64
Keysight SystemVue 2016.08
Keysight IC-CAP 2018 Win64
Agilent IC-CAP 2016.01 Win64
Agilent.IC-Cap.v2009.Win32 & Win64-ISO
Ommic ED02AH Libary v2.6 for ADS 2002
SIMetrix SIMPLIS Elite with DVM and Verilog for SIMPLIS R8.4 Win64
SIMetrix SIMPLIS v8.4b Win64
SIMetrix SIMPLIS v8.30 Win32_64
SIMetrix 8.00g with DVM and Verilog for SIMPLIS Win64
SIMetrix 8.20h with DVM and Verilog for SIMPLIS Update
SIMetrix Simplis v8.00g Win64
Simetrix Simplis v5.50
Simetrix Simplis manuals
Agilent Heatwave 2014.Linux
Ansys Electromagnetics Suite v16.0 Win64
- Ansys Electronics Desktop 2015.0.0 (HFSS, HFSS 3D Layout, HFSS-IE, 2D Extractor, Q3D Extractor)
- Ansys Electromagnetics 16.0 Modeler Files for CATIAV5
- Ansys Electromagnetics ECAD Translators 2015.0.0
- Ansys Electromagnetics PExprt 2015.0.0
- Ansys Maxwell 2015.0.0
- Ansys Simplorer 2015.0.0
- Ansys SIwave 2015.0.0
Ansoft HFSS v15.0 win32_64 Full-ISO
Ansoft HFSS v15.03 Updat Only Win64
Ansoft HFSS v19.1 Linux64
Ansoft HFSS v14.0 Linux
Ansoft HFSS Antenna Design Kit v2.15 for HFSS v14.0-15.0
Ansys Maxwell 3D v16.03 Win32_64-ISO
Ansys Maxwell 3D v16.03 Linux
Ansoft Designer and Nexxim v8.0 Full-ISO
Ansoft Designer 7.0.1 Update Only
Ansoft Designer v9.0 HFSS
Ansoft Spiral Design Kit for Hfss v10.0
Ansoft Ephysics v3.1 WinALL-ISO
Ansoft Ensemble v8.0
Ansoft Links 6.0-ISO
Ansoft Links v6.01 Update Only
Ansoft Links v4.0 Win64-ISO
Ansoft OpTimetrics v 2.5-ISO
Ansoft PExprt v7.0.20-ISO
Ansys Q3DExtractor v12.0 Win32_64-ISO
Ansoft Rmxprt v12.1-ISO
Ansoft SCap v5.5
Ansoft.SIWave.v7.0 Win32_64-ISO
Ansoft Siwave v7.02 Update Only Win64
Ansoft Simplorer v11.0-ISO
Ansoft Simplorer v7.0 day1 & day2
Ansoft Spicelink v5.0-ISO
Ansoft Max&Eph traning-ISO
Ansoft Rmxprt application
Anasys Totem 2022 R1.1 Linux64
Ansys Totem v19.2.7 Lniux64
Ansys Redhawk v2021.R1.1 Linux64
Ansys Redhawk Expoler v2020 R2.1 Linux64
Apache Design Solutions Redhawk 2019 R2.8 Linux64
FutureFacilities.6SigmaDC.R9.0 Win32_64
Speed v2011.0-ISO
SPEED 2000 user Manual
Magneforce v4.0 Windows
Opera v12.003
Samcef For Wind Turbines v1.1-ISO
JMAG-Designer v17.1 Windows & Linux
JMAG Designer 16.0 Win64 & Linux64
JMAG-Designer 14.0.01t Win64 & Linux64
Jmag Designer 12.0 Win64-ISO
JMAG-Designer v11.0 Win32_64-ISO
JMAG-Designer v11.0 SLS&Sample Data-ISO
JMAG Designer v10.3.03k Win32-ISO
JMAG Designer v10.3.03k Win64-ISO
JMAG Studio v10.02201a Win32-ISO
Siemens Simcenter MotorSolve 2021.1.0 Win64
Infolytica Products 25CD
Actuator Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.2 Win32_64
ElecNet 7.5 Win32_64
MagNet 7.5 Win32_64
MagNet For SolidWorks 1.0.0 Win64
MagNet Plug-In for PSIM 1.3.2 Win32_64
MagNet Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.2 Win32_64
MotorSolve 4.11
MotorSolve 4.11 zh-CHS
MotorSolve 5.0
MotorSolve Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.0 Win32_64
OptiNet 7.5
Speed PC-BDC Importer 2.5
System Model Generator 2.3
ThermNet 7.5 Win32_64
Three Phase Machine Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.2 Win32_64
Trajectory Evaluator 3.0
Infolytica MagNet v7.4.1.4 Win32
Silvaco AMS v2010.00 Win32
Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Linux64
Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Manual
Silvaco Iccad 2008.09
Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Linux64
Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Manual
Silvaco Logic 2008.09
Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Linux64
Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Manual
Silvaco TCAD 2019 Win64 & Linux64
Silvaco TCAD 2019 RH64 STR Files
Silvaco TCAD 2014.00 Win32
Silvaco TCAD 2012.00 Win32_64
Silvaco TCAD 2010.00 Linux
Silvaco TCAD 2012 Linux64
Silvaco TCAD 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco TCAD 2008.09 Manual
Silvaco Catalyst 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco Catalyst 2008.09 Linux64
Silvaco Catalyst 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco Char 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco Char 2008.09 Linux64
Silvaco Char 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco Firebird 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco Firebird 2008.09 Linux64
Silvaco Firebird 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco Mode 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco Mode 2008.09 Linux64
Silvaco Mode 2008.09 Solaris
Silvaco Parasitic 2008.09 Linux
Silvaco Parasitic 2008.09 Linux64

Try crack softwares pls contact change # into @
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